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The College and Career Center at John O’Connell High School is a new program for Mission Graduates, and as our high school seniors begin to receive college acceptance letters, we could not be more proud of what they’ve accomplished this year. Here is a glimpse of one of our JOC seniors, proving that hard work, motivation, and a little help from the College and Career Center can take you far.

Yvonne works 30 hours a week as the operations manager at Mr. Muggles Dog Boarding, allowing her to leave her high school classrooms at noon and get practical business skills in her community.

Because Mission Graduates is embedded in the Entrepreneurship and Culinary lab at John O’Connell, College and Career Center staff are able to provide support and resources to Yvonne during her first period, ensuring she meets her deadlines.

“I work every day after school, to help support my family, so I am never able to go to the College and Career Center. Instead Jill comes to me, and gives me support during my lab time.”

So far, Yvonne has been accepted to SFSU, UC Merced, and Mills College.

Mills College has offered her a $24,000 scholarship!

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