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San Francisco, CA – “We at Mission Graduates are incredibly saddened by the decision of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the legality of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The court ruled DACA to be illegal but has left the program intact. At this time, DACA renewals are open, but new applications are not being processed. 

This news is troubling for many reasons, which deeply affects the communities we serve. It’s unacceptable for DACA to be deemed illegal. For young people whose only home they’ve known to be the United States, it’s unconscionable not to provide them a path to citizenship. 

We will continue to help all students and families, regardless of status, to build their own pathways to a better life. We will continue to provide safe, educational spaces for students and families that may not otherwise have access to these spaces. And we hope that our government can find and implement solutions to keep immigrants protected.”


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