Grads Get Ready for College

For the first-gen youth of College Connect, the Maisin Scholars Program, and John O'Connell High School, the last day of school means the first day of preparing for freshman year.

Focus on Funding at John O’Connell

Seniors at John O'Connell High School have been putting in the extra hours this spring, attending workshops, visiting the College and Career Center, and putting all of the financial aid advice to [...]

O’Connell Focuses On Careers

Career Day at O'Connell gave students the chance to see what a day in the life of an architect, restaurateur, or law enforcement officer would look like. Sitting in small groups, students could [...]

John O’Connell Senior Stories

The College and Career Center at John O'Connell High School is a new program for Mission Graduates, and as our high school seniors begin to receive college acceptance letters, we could not be [...]

College Wednesdays at John O’Connell

Mission Graduates has been promoting College Wednesdays at John O’Connell High School. We are bringing our unique college access curriculum to 11th and 12th grade classes this for a two-hour [...]