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Promise Scholars

Mission Graduates is proud to award the Promise Scholarship to a new cohort of students to support them on their journeys through college.

Promise Scholars demonstrate traits of persistence, leadership, and a desire to help others in their community.

Generously funded by the Caerus Foundation, the Promise Scholarship provides between $5,000 to $10,000 per year for 4 years to students, along with mentoring and coaching to help them persist through college graduation and pursue meaningful employment or further studies after college. 

Applications are currently closed. Please check back in April for updates!

Important Contacts

Ivan Garcia
Promise Scholars Manager

Catherine Marroquin
Senior Director of College Access

“Mission Graduates is not just a program. It is a support system for our students who need love and guidance to achieve their higher education and or post high school goals. Students see in a family within the Mission Graduates staff and show their appreciation by giving up their lunch time and even coming for long hours after school to take advantage of their help. All students rave about their college going process because of the help they are able to get right here in their school.”

Leslie De Haro, 11th and 12th Grade School Counselor

Meet our Promise Scholars!

Cohort 10 (Class of 2021)

Ingrid Acevedo
Yarah Balladares
Isaac Bautista
Lyza Chavez
Gabriela Gonzalez
Erica Gordon
Liliana Medina
Michaela Nava
Tien Tran
Irina Tamayo
Abner Vasquez Pineda

Cohort 11 (Class of 2022)

Maria Ballote Rosado
Hailey Bean
Otabek Buranov
Max Herrera
Andrea Lopez
Kristel Mantilla
Melissa Morales
Reese Raven Barles
Kenneth Sanford
Jose Tupul
Talea White
Haley Yedra

Cohort 9 (Class of 2020)

Andrea (Lupe) Aceves (SF State)
Aracely Alvarenga-Sedillo (UCLA)
Treasure Bender (Sacramento State)
Jackie Hernandez  (UCLA)
Ezrealla Laudenorio (UC San Diego)
Aaron Villareal (San Jose State)

Cohort 8 (Class of 2019)

Elisha Barbaree (UCLA)
Mariana Diaz (SF State)
Ahjae Holdman, Jr. (UCLA)
Nick McNealy (UC Merced)
Darlyn Sanchez (UC Berkeley)
Jaraughn Torno (UC Berkeley)

Cohort 7 (Class of 2018)

Jamir Melton Dreher (Sacramento State)
Katherine Andrea Ayala (UC Davis)
Marcel McRae (Santa Barbara Community College)
Marvin Pusung-Zita (Lewis & Clark)
Kayla Rash (UC Merced)
Ana Sara Malaquias (SF State)

Cohort 6 (Class of 2017)

Akemi Falcon (UC San Diego)
Jazmyn Ramirez (UC Davis)
Tiffany Tam (UC Berkeley)
Flora Yu (Cal Poly Pomona)

Cohort 5 (Class of 2016)

Jasmine Guevara Fuentes (UC Davis, Graduating 2021)
Diane Ha (UC Davis, Graduated 2020)
Sl Lee (UC Santa Cruz, Graduated 2020)
Greg Lu (UC Irvine, Graduated 2020)
Kumudra Nyun (UC San Diego, Graduated 2020)

Cohort 4 (Class of 2015)

Claudia Aguilar (SFSU, Graduated Spring 2019)
Sandy Caballero (UC Merced, Graduated Fall 2019)
Tansuree Chakraborty (UC Davis, Graduated Fall 2019)
Lisa Liang (UC Davis, Graduated Spring 2019)
Alejandra Ramos (UC Santa Cruz, Graduated Spring 2019)
Hugo Wanderley de Souza (UC Merced)

Cohort 3 (Class of 2014)

Wanyi Chen (Mt. Holyoke, Graduated Spring 2018)
David Lopez (Chapman, Graduated Spring 2018)
Emanuel Velez (CSU Monterey Bay, Graduated 2019)
Pengqui (Jack) Wu (UCLA, Graduated Spring 2018)
Nancy Zheng (SJSU, Graduated Spring 2018)

Cohort 2 (Class of 2013)

Joselin Bautista (SFSU, Graduated Spring 2017)
Ruta Gebrihiwet (UC Santa Barbara, Graduated Summer 2017)
Michelle Li (UC Berkeley, Graduated Spring 2017)
Polina Mikolaitchouk (Dominican, Graduated Spring 2017)
Jeremie Showa (UC Davis, Graduated Fall 2017)

Cohort 1 (Class of 2012)

Jessica Alvarez (SFSU, Graduated 2017)
Joanna Chen (UC Irvine, Graduated 2016)
Jacqueline Cruz-Eligio (SFSU, Graduated 2017)
Dereje Dilnesaw (SJSU, De Anza)


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