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 In College Connect

interviewsThe fall season is an exciting time of the year at College Connect.  Our seniors in Cohort 6 have spent the past few months applying to the universities of their choice, as well as applying to as many scholarships as they can.  The staff was also very busy interviewing high school juniors for Cohort 7.

Over 50 San Francisco Juniors applied to be a part of the College Connect family with only 25 spots.  It presented a challenge, but showed how highly regarded the College Connect program is in the community.  For approximately two months, Ivan, the College Connect Coordinator, lead group interviews, which allowed for the staff and volunteers to learn more about each of the applicants.  Students were asked about their overall college goals, their involvement in extracurricular activities and the role their families play in helping them achieve their college aspirations.

The application process provided the juniors with a small preview of what to expect during the college and scholarship process and it presented the staff and volunteers at College Connect a chance to understand what expectations the community has for the program.  It also allowed the staff and volunteers a chance to understand the struggles students in our community face each and every day, yet they all remain so positive and driven.

– Monique Mercado, College Connect Intern

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