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 In Parent Partner Program

End of the school year celebrations aren’t just for our students.  After a 2nd successful year of the Latina Tech Mentorship Program, mentors and mentees came together to showcase new technology skills and celebrate a year of achieving goals.

Parent holding an iPad

Parent holding giftbasket


Parent with crafted barn

Each parent shared what they had learned during their one-on-one sessions throughout the year.  Several of the parents shared ways they are integrating technology into their home – through calendars and email – and how technology has brought them closer to their families.

Olga, a parent from Everett Middle School, brought along a very unique example of how technology has made a difference in her home – an arts and crafts house that she made with her family thanks to a series of YouTube videos.

Thank you to all of our mentors who helped our parents create goals to better use technology in their own lives.

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