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 In Extended Day Programs

The summer program at Marshall School is off to a fast-paced and exciting start, and our staff is eagerly preparing to give our students a summer full of learning and fun!

This summer, our staff is fortunate enough to be assigned a science consultant to support them with a specific science topic throughout program.  This summer’s topics include animals, chemistry, insects, sound physics, solar energy, and ocean currents.  We have live animals and insects in Kindergarten and second grade, where students will observe their growth and life cycle.  The fifth graders will learn about ocean currents by kayaking in Mission Creek and sailing in the San Francisco Bay.

Other highlights of our summer program will include our Health and Nutrition SPARK curriculum, our Imagine Learning program, and our beloved Electives.  Our Health and Nutrition consultant will meet with each grade twice a week to educate our children about practical and fun ways to make healthy choices in their exercise and nutrition routines.  The Imagine Learning computer program will provide an extra support for English learners to improve their literacy skills over the summer, giving them a boost for the new academic year in the fall.  Our Elective classes provides students with an opportunity to explore a wide variety of interests including mapmaking, cooking, baseball, art, recycling, and sewing.


– Lauren Seymour, Program Assistant

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