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The very first campus we visited was UC Merced. Although the students were on spring break we got so much information from the tour guide. There is a lot of events that happen on campus that made us more interested in UC Merced. They have over 300 events every year and are expanding there campus which will be finished in two years. An example of an event that happens on campus will be concerts for the students only. They have a variety of clubs that you could apply to like chess club, ohana, radio club, and go-kart racing.

There is much more that you could get involved in. The location of the campus is far from the city. Many like to get away from a big city and enjoy the nature. UC Merced is surrounded by nature and farm animals. It’s a very peaceful community. There are over 6 housing buildings that you could possibly be interested in living on campus. There’s variety to choose what type of room you would like to live in. There’s double, triple and quad rooms. In conclusion, this campus feels like a community you cold call family. There are so many options to choose from that is exciting to even think about it.

-Kimberly Ornelas, Cohort 11

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