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La Verne provides degrees like Doctoral degree, Masters degree, and Bachelor’s degree. We asked a lot of questions to get as much information we could get from a student that attends La Verne. They asked about their areas of study like nursing, criminal justice of psychology and they had it all.

Their library was one of the favorite spots for the students since it was very quiet and there was little room that a single can be alone and not bothered so they can study and there were rooms for students who are working as a group.

It showed that the school really tries to get the students to succeed. They had traditions like any other school. They have a rock that they paint every certain date and socialize and have fun around the rock.

The rock was very small when it was first introduced but since it gets painted by different clubs each time. The rock got bigger. The energy of the campus made us all feel welcomed and although the students were on spring break there were people around the campus still united and socializing as a family. We had a feeling on how the campus might look like if we ever decide to go to La Verne.

-Kimberly Ornelas, Cohort 11

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