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4 days, 6 schools, and 14 students – a recipe for a good time. The So Cal College Tour started off with sleepy students gathering at the main office at 7am. Once we packed the vans and made our lunch for the day, we were off to our first school – UC Merced. We left UC Merced inspired, after an amazing AB540 presentation, and looking forward to the warm So Cal weather.

The rest of the college tours were informative and students started to get a feel for the kind of school they want to attend. At Cal Poly SLO, Jewelea Rivas (cohort 2) gave us a campus tour, talked about student life and transition, and showed us her dorm room. Jewelea gave great advice but one of her gems was “Get out of your comfort zone and try new things”.



Great weather was on our side and students took full advantage of it in the hotel’s pool. The next day we were San Francisco bound. We had a great time but don’t take my word for it, here are a few highlights from students:

“Evening sharing time, so that we can reflect on our daytime and share our own points of view about college”

“Going to visit all the colleges and seeing what I didn’t like and what I liked and bonding with each other”

“Being awesome, bonding with other cohort members and checking out all these colleges and visualizing myself in them”

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