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 In Extended Day Programs

photo 4Our 1st and 2nd graders in the extended day program at Bryant Elementary are becoming better students by following the school agreements of the “4 Bs.”  They include Be Kind, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.  The students have been providing concrete examples of how each “B” actually looks like in real-life scenarios.

This includes cleaning up after snack time, using kind words to friends, walking in the hallway, doing their work when told, etc. photo 2 As an incentive to follow classroom agreements, students vote on a different kind of party they want. Every time the entire class practices one of the 4 Bs or is “caught being good,”, they earn a point.  Once the class reaches 30 points, they get to enjoy a class prize in the form of a class party. Students vote on a specific class incentive such as a movie party and most recently a make-your-own-popsicle party.

photo 1The kids voted on having a make-your-own popsicle party, so we chose 100% juice to make their own healthy popsicles. For the next party, they voted and are looking forward to their next class prize: make-a-volcano party!

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