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More than 200 people gathered in solidarity last Wednesday to deliver this message: The journey to college is at reach, and we’re not stopping now!

Mission Graduates March with a Message

Parents and community leaders, students and teachers all joined forces at the heart of the Mission District to commemorate the journey to college. Charles Schwab volunteers, distinguishable by their blue shirts, synchronized with Mission Graduates parents, students and staff who shone through their orange T-shirts.

“We are going to college! Vamos a la Universidad!” were the words engraved across their backs. The word “college” was everywhere to be seen, from across students’ cheeks to their arms and to their picket signs.

As soon as we gathered momentum, strollers marked the pace and everyone was proudly marching on Mission Street, City College bound. A colorful room was waiting for us, where many inspirational speakers including Richard Carranza spoke about their college experience, one that was both a struggle and a dream come true.

The climatic point of this event, however, occurred when Mission Graduates members awarded the students who had been reclassified as of last week. Reclassification is the first step to the college dream, and many mothers were exalted to see their children’s progress. As María Rocha stated, a parent ‘promotora’ and phenomenal leader whose son was reclassified, “As Latinos, we can do it and we have to help our children to fulfill the college dream”.

Congratulations to our community for a march that demonstrated great progress, unforgettable momentum, and immense hope for the future. Once again, we are getting closer and closer to the realization of our dreams!

P.S: As a side note, Chef María Ibarra has supported the Mission community with her to-die-for tamales that she sells locally. You may contact her at ibarram38@yahoo.com whenever you’re looking to buy the dozen.

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