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 In Extended Day Programs

On Wednesday, March 6, the Marshall Tutoring Center put on a show-stopping poetry slam at St. John’s the Evangelist in the heart of the Mission.

Audience members were blown away by the precocious poetic stylings of the first, second and third grade classes. Even the kindergarten class participated with a song and dance, adding to the enthusiasm and delight of the event.

Enjoy some of our favorite photos and poems from the event!

“I am Beautiful” by Jacqueline B, 1st grade

I am beautiful
I can do anything I want
I never say bad things to my mom
I see a big lion
I am Jacqueline B
I wish I was a spider
I will do everything
I love my teachers
I am a princess
I understand Spanish and English
I am saying, ‘I love you Mommy’
I wish I was a tall apple tree that can speak
I try to do everything
I hope Dracula doesn’t exist
I am cute
I am Jacqueline B

“Love” by Claudia Ortiz, 5th grade

Love is awesome
Always in my heart
Always feel in it
I throw up
I have butterflies all over me
We all have that feeling
Nobody should laugh
We are all growing up
It is part of us
And our lives

– written by Luna Malbroux

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