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 In Extended Day Programs, Get Involved

Last week, we finished a five-week long summer program with Local: Mission Eatery, a delicious local restaurant that is pushing the boundaries on what it really means to be local, while cooking amazing food.

Each Tuesday, Yaron, founder and owner of Local: Mission Eatery, coordinated a field trip to learn about agriculture, cooking, restaurants, and our neighborhood.  The students and Yaron visited the garden and Free Farm Stand at Parque Ninos Unidos (23rd and Treat) and met with Tree, the founder of the organization.

They toured the kitchen at Dynamo Donuts, sampled the range of flavors, and learned from Sara Spearin how she and her bakers products thousands of delicious donuts a day.

The students ate Francisco’s tacos at El Metate and heard how he transformed his grandmother’s recipes into his taqueria.

And, of course, they visited Local and snacked on cherries and loquats.  On Thursdays, our very own Jason Bigman, did the magic work of a teacher and turned the visits into lessons.

We look forward to our continued partnership!

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