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 In College Connect

IreneMeet Irene!

Irene joined the 6th cohort of College Connect this year after being nominated by a counselor.  Drawn to the tutoring around standardized tests and financial literacy, Irene quickly found College Connect to be a place where she could plan for her future.  “I learned a lot from my tutor for the ACT and I have better knowledge when it comes to testing. I also learned a lot from the program GLOW about banking and financial aid.”

Like all members of College Connect, Irene will be the first person in her family to attend a four year college.  Motivated to go to college by her desire to discover all there is to learn, she looks forward to studying subjects like psychology.  . Her time so far with College Connect has sparked a new sense of self-confidence in ability to succeed in college.

“This program has made me realized that I’m capable of going to college, that I can be resourceful to be who I want to be and achieve my goal of going to college.  I’m excited for my senior year I’m ready for all the things to come.”

We can’t wait to see what’s to come either!

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