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Creativity and fun are central to effective learning at the Extended Day Program at Marshall Elementary. The program incorporates various electives during academic time for students of all grades to select according to their interests.

america scoresThis semester, Giovanni, 5th grade classroom coordinator, and Beverly of kindergarten, will be leading SCORES, a dynamic hour of soccer and poetry. What is Scores? Scores involves thirty minutes of soccer and thirty minutes of poetry study. The program encourages rigorous activity to stimulate creative learning. Studies have proven that kids that engage in lots of physical activity at recess or in the classroom improve their ability to focus on mental and thinking-centered activities. In this way, soccer and poetry go hand and hand to achieve successful learning and fun.

Giovanni has this to say about Scores, “Kids love running around and getting competitive with each other. That’s what they most enjoy. In addition, Scores has proven to be a great program that promotes teamwork and cooperation. These two aspects directly translate into our school setting where students need to work in harmony in order to finish group related tasks on time. ”

Other electives that students will be able to choose from include Recycle Art, Master Chefs on the Mission, Dream Theater, Creative Creations, and Girls on the Run. A new addition to Mission Graduates staff, first grade classroom coordinator Carolina will be leading the program Girls on the Run. This program uses running to teach critical life lessons to third, fourth and fifth grade girls. The leaders encourage girls with a healthy body image, supportive and positive behavior, community service, and self-esteem. By the end of the program, the girls will celebrate their achievements by participating in the Girls on the Run 5k! Inspired about leading this exceptional opportunity, Carolina has this to say: “I’m excited to see my girls gain self-esteem and grow as individuals. I can’t wait to see them reach their goals all along the way.”

The Mission Graduates team is cooking up many ways to engage all of the students through elective time. These electives will be held for an hour on Thursdays and Fridays. Students have the ability to begin making their own academic choices at an early age, demonstrating that they are in charge of their education, and that their education provides them the opportunity to pursue their deepest passions.

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