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 In Parent Partner Program
This month we are highlighting the work of Julia Sosa, a parent leader at Fairmount Elementary who, together with Isabel Gutierrez (profiled last month), has been at the core of all of the exciting developments at the school to support English Language Learner students and families.

As president of the Fairmount English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), has helped increased the number of English Language Learner parents who attend the monthly meetings to learn about how to support their children’s education and successfully advocated for additional after-school tutoring for all 3rd-5th grade English Language Learner students. This year, Julia Sosa, is also one of two Fairmount parents who will be delivering our Believing the College Dream workshops at this school.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have many good memories of my lovely state of Yucatan. I am from a small town named Tecoh (a Mayan name that means the place of the Puma). It is a beautiful and tranquil place, the people are very friendly, and the majority of my life was spent there. When I finally came to this country it was after my husband had been here for 3 years already and I remember how wonderful it felt to arrive in San Francisco and be reunited with him.

As parents we have an opportunity to get involved in our children’s education. Now is the time to start preparing our children so they will go to college in the future. I was participating at my children’s school 2 years ago when I met Gerber from Mission Graduates. He invited me, as well as other parents from the school, to participate in the Summer Institute, and that’s how I became involved with Mission Graduates.

While helping at my children’s school, every day is a challenge and every day offers a chance to learn. I really value the time that I have been a part of my school’s English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), where we work together to get the tools and support we need to help the English Learner students at the school. I would like to thank Mission Graduates for all their support and I hope that I can return the same support to them. I hope to continue receiving the same support and learn everything I can.

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