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 In Extended Day Programs

Refreshed from their time off, Mission Graduates’ students and Marshall Tutoring Center (TC) staff are ready to take on the new semester. While the students were on vacation, TC staff used the time to catch up on some professional development trainings and readings. These trainings led to new incentive systems and creative new ideas for the coming months.

The Marshall TC began the semester with a new unit on conflict resolution in which the students have been practicing “I-Messages”. The first grade class made puppets with Miss Bev to make talking about their feelings easier and helping them have fun and feel comfortable expressing themselves. Older students developed (and enthusiastically acted out) their own scripts and skits to show their classmates different ways to handle a conflict and everyone has had a lot of fun in the process.

The Marshall Staff looks forward to seeing how the students utilize their new conflict resolution skills throughout the upcoming semester!

– Kym Lundberg

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