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He ripped open the envelope and a huge smile immediately spread across his face. Marshall Elementary 5th Grader José Camara has been chosen to represent San Francisco and the Bay Area in America SCORES’ annual New York Poetry Slam!

Through his participation in the after-school soccer/poetry elective at MG’s Tutoring Center and in partnership with America SCORES, Jose had the unique opportunity to write poetry while also playing on the soccer team. America SCORES hosted a number of poetry contests throughout the season, culminating with an audition to perform at the national Poetry Slam in New York City.

José Camara

José and his poem “Be Careful” progressed from one audition to the next until he was eventually selected to represent the Bay Area!

Jose will travel to New York in April, when he’ll tour the City, meet his fellow poet-athletes from across the country, and perform his poem on the historic Apollo Theater stage.  When asked what he hopes to do in New York, José was quick to respond, “Meet R.L. Stine,” his favorite author who has written the classic “Goosebumps” series. Congratulations, José, on this incredible accomplishment! We look forward to hearing all about your trip!

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