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On Saturday, January 12, College Connect teamed up with MEDA, a community based corporation dedicated to improving social and economical conditions in the Mission neighborhood, at Plaza Adelante to support College Connect students and families submit their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) forms.

College Connect staff Catherine, Jill, and Luis, along with some College Connect students, were there to provide support as families and students punched in their tax information in hopes of receiving financial aid. Fortunately, this year the newly passed California Dream Act enabled those families ineligible for the FAFSA due to residency status to receive state financial aid for the first time!

The DREAMers awoke and are now one step closer to bringing their goals to fruition. Catch some of the College Connect Dreamers this Saturday, January 26, at Mission High School as they fundraise for their student run scholarship with a sidewalk sale!

-Luis Martinez, College Connect Program Coordinator

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