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 In Extended Day Programs

A new tradition is brewing at Flynn Elementary—the Thursday All-Program Meeting! Originally designed as a way to set program-wide expectations in the beginning of the year, the APM has blossomed into an opportunity for all of our students to celebrate successes, get excited about field trips and other important events, and to cut loose and have fun!

Every APM kicks off with class chants, when each grade level class gets up and performs a song, stomp, or holler celebrating themselves and their mascots. After any announcements, soccer game day reminders, or safety presentations, each classroom coordinator presents a “Star of the Week” from their class to be recognized by the entire program. It’s a great way for us to thank students who have been doing their best to learn and have fun!

IMG_2194Of course, we also like to give the students a chance to get up and get silly. There have been freeze dance contests, school expectations bingo, and safety scenario skits. In anticipation of our Our Stories museum on November 20th, all of the coordinators set up a presentation of our own families’ stories, complete with baby pictures! Our students were excited to see their teachers as kids, and the teachers were happy to share their hobbies and families with the kids.

As our new program starts to pick up steam, we
’re thrilled to see our new rituals become established. We can’t wait to see what we can do in the coming months!

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