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Hola a Todas, y Todos, Hi Everyone

The purpose of this blog is to provide you with different funding opportunities, whether you are conducting research or studying abroad.

10560565_620474001402163_2835025908229981926_o(1)Although I am not an expert in research, it all started off with the drive to investigate an issue I am very interested and passionate about. After a long – really long – quarter I had finally figured out my research question, which will of course, go through a metamorphosis as I continue my undergraduate career.

A big challenge for me was getting the funds needed to travel to El Salvador. Luckily, I had a good friend and amazing faculty advisor – whom I can call comrades – who supported me through the funding request to the application process for a research exemption. Further, my family, mentors, high school teachers, comrades and friends supported me as well.

Successfully, together we fundraised the money needed to pay for my travel expenses. I am going to El Salvador during the Summer!! Esta cumbia es la baila mi país, el sonido sabroson de El Salvador ♫

Wondering how to get funds for your project/research/study abroad?

General Funding10548197_618768574906039_8530867559873492751_o

(for personal/group projects, or study abroad programs)

Reach out to:

  • Your college provost (funding ranges from $200-$400)
  • Dean of Students Office (funding ranges from $500-$800)
  • Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) (funding ranges from $150-$500)

Other Fundraising Options

Create a Go Fund Me campaign and share it with

  • Friends
  • Club/organization members
  • High school teachers
  • College Connect mentors
  • Community organizations
  • Other people who you think will be willing to help you out

Blast your Go Fund Me campaign on FB and send personal emails

Field Study Funds

(Particularly for UC Santa Cruz students)

(funds for things like: conducting research, and exploring a research question)

1. Nancy Pascal Field Study Scholarship (Award Recipient)
Deadline: March 9th (Winter quarter)
How much do they grant: $100-$1,000

2. Joel Frankel Memorial Fund (Award Recipient)
Deadline: March 20th (Winter quarter)
How much do they grant: $500-$700

3. Merrill Student Special Project Fund
Deadline: April 25th (Spring quarter)
They do not say up to how much they can give


(to pay for university logistics like tuition, housing, food, transportation, books)
Check out the blog, keep scrolling down and you will find list of scholarships.

Last but not least

Before you request funding, make sure you have…

a) A budget of the estimated expenses
Link: http://www.nafsa.org/_/file/_/financialaid/finaid_appendixc.pdf

b) A funding request proposal. Include things like:

  • What is the project/research/study abroad about?
  • Why you want to participate in the project/research/study abroad?
  • What skills do you have or want to learn in the project/research/study abroad?
  • Do you have a faculty sponsor? Any organizations that support the work you do?
  • How will you give back to the community (i.e. donors, college, club)? Example: workshops, zine, present at a conference, share your research report

c) Availability to meet with the funding agencies in person

“When a person of color, a lesbian or a gay man, is sitting in a classroom, s/he is already putting out a lot of energy just maintaining-surviving emotionally and intellectually.” -Gloria Anzaldúa

Above all, I want you to believe in yourself – that you can do it –and once you have done it, give back and help out those on their way to making it. Set goals, ask for help, and make  sure you follow through. Exercise, do self-care, and smile often.

Con ustedes,

Joanna Beltrán Girón

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