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 In Food for Thought

Food For Thought 2012

Local Mission Eatery

“We opened as a restaurant for our neighborhood and to engage with our neighbors,” Yaron Milgram, owner of Local Mission Eatery, explains. And engage with their neighbors they have. Local Mission Eatery’s partnership with Food For Thought shows just one example of this restaurant’s commitment to bettering the community around it – they’ve also been active in Mission Graduates’ programs, helping raise awareness of nutrition and healthy eating habits among our students and families.

While Local Mission Eatery should be applauded for its work in the community, the work they do in the kitchen cannot be overlooked. Milgram says that one of the most popular dishes as of late has been the Cavatelli with Braised Chicken Gizzards.

With an often rotating menu, though, you better get in quick to sample the braised chicken. And then come back on November 14 to discover what new treats the menu offers. Learn more about Local Mission Eatery through their website. And, of course, make a reservation for November 14!

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