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 In College Connect

I am now fully immersed in the world of a college freshman, after so much work, the really hard work is just beginning.

My first semester in college was a smooth transition thanks to the support of Mission Graduates.  Mission Graduates helped me by offering support whenever I needed it and the staff gave key insights on how the first semester would unfold, what to expect, and what to look out for, which was very helpful.

My first semester was hectic. I was always scattered, trying to manage my time wisely to fit in enough hours for homework and sleep.  Homework is always my main priority then comes sleep.  Getting homework done was not much of a challenge.  Mission Graduate’s time management workshop helps, and even I alone am not the best at managing my time but I tried my hardest and in college that is all they ask for.

While your classes push you to your limits and you are going through so much stress and emotion, Mission Graduates is there to support you through this journey. Everyone in my College Connect cohort reaped some sort of benefit.  For instance, I had a strong foundation of how the first semester would unfold because of this, my first semester was not so frightening.  I went into my first semester knowing that I was supposed to be here.  The first semester of college definitely is a lot of work, but none that cannot be done.

In the College Connect program I remember writing down my motivations and to answer the number one question that most students get asked: “Why do you want to go to college?” As for me it took no contemplation in knowing that I want to succeed in life, but its more than that.  I want to learn and help others in their endeavors.  I want my beliefs to be challenged by the liberal education that I am receiving, and reorient myself.  Anything is possible, people just need the right programs to guide them. Mission Graduates played that role in my life.

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