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Dear Mission Graduates volunteers and supporters


Ugh, another dreadful day of school was my every thought in my early years of high school. Lacking motivation and facing each day in complete solitude blocked my ability to excel in school. My grades plummeted my sophomore year to a 2.5 GPA causing me to drift behind on my path to graduation. I was no longer on track to go to college and I needed help. As a junior, I was lucky to have found Mission Graduates, where I began working as a peer educator.

Mission Graduates welcomed me with open arms. I always knew I wanted to go to college, I just didn’t quite know how to get there. My wonderful Coordinator for the peer education group immediately began working with me to determine where I stood in school and my possibilities after high school.

Me, Anne Chavez, in the classroom

I was provided with the perfect amount of motivation and encouragement that I needed to really push myself my senior year. Working with Mission Graduates gave me the support and drive I needed to continue my education at a university.

Along with learning all about college and what I needed to do in order to get there, I received an incredible education on reproductive health topics – a career I now plan to pursue. Mission Graduates became my motivation to attend school, knowing I had a place to go after-school where I felt happy and accepted. It challenged me to face my fears of public speaking and learn how to work with an array of people. My co-workers and I became a team of friends (something I was unfamiliar with at that point in time) who I still remain in contact with. With the encouragement from my peers and support from MG staff, I was able to finish off my senior year with a 4.0 GPA. All As!

I was accepted to San Francisco State University where I am now finishing my first year of college. The goals I have set for myself allow me to persevere through any struggles I encounter because I now understand the rewards of a college education.

This is why your donation to Mission Graduates is so important.

I am now running my own girls group at James Denman Middle School where I am using the lessons, skills, and confidence that I gained from Mission Graduates. I am no longer the shy and introverted person that I once was years ago. I am now a person who is determined to continue my education in order to give back to the community I came from. My desire it to encourage and empower more youth to find their passion and go on to college.


Anne Chavez

I’m in the middle, with fellow peer educators

P.S. Please donate today to help send more youth like me to college!

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