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 In College Connect

It’s no secret that it’s getting harder and harder for low and middle income families to afford a college education. In the face of adversity, we encourage and support our youth to go after scholarship dollars. College Connect’s 4th cohort has been very busy applying to scholarships all year long and it’s finally paying off!

To date, cohort 4 has collectively received $207,989 in scholarships dollars; that breaks down to approximately $10,399 per student! …and still counting.

Scholarships are crucial in helping students and families afford the rising cost of college; especially when the cost of higher education is rising faster than the cost of living. Scholarships can help bridge the “Gap” between the cost of attendance and the financial aid the student’s receive form their college, but they can also help reduce student loans.

I’m sure you’ve read news articles or have seen TV news segments about the enormous amount of debt some students are graduating with – what once felt like an investment is starting to feel like a burden. At College Connect, we meet with families individually and explain the true cost of attendance, give recommendations on what are good loan amounts to take on, and make a plan for how to keep costs low. We find that receiving private scholarships can give the student more flexibility in making their final college choice.

Like I always say, “You won’t get every scholarship you apply to, but you’ll never get one you don’t apply to.” Go out there and get those scholarship dollars!

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