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Last Friday College Connect headed to UC Berkeley to visit with some of our cohort 5 freshman.  While there we were able to catch up, hear about their semesters, check out dorm life, and help them finish FASFA or Dream Act applications.

UCB visit1Luri Chen Zheng, a public health major and Incentive Award recipient, is planning on staying on campus this summer and volunteering at the local hospital.  She has also been volunteering with the Incentive Award Program, giving presentations about the scholarship at local high schools and her at her alma mater, Mission High School.

Zola Li is majoring in civil engineering.  Because this major requires her to take mostly classes within her major and not many general education classes, Zola has been branching out by taking DeCals.  DeCal is a student-run democratic education program at the UC Berkeley – where the students create and facilitate their own classes.  Zola is currently taking DeCals in basketball and meditation.

UCB visit2Allen Li, a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholarship recipient, is planning on apply to the business major.  This major is impacted, and admission to the major can be very competitive, so Allen has joined clubs and taken on some leadership roles.  He is currently serving on the Mission Graduates board of directors, and cofounded the personal finance and business entrepreneur club at UC Berkeley.  He has also joined the ASUC Finance department, and the Berkeley Investment Group.

We are excited to see College Connector acclimating so well on their campuses, getting involved in student life, working or volunteering in the community, and keeping their grades up.  Stay tuned for more blogs about College Connect students on campuses around California – and the country!

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