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Congratulations to College Connect’s graduating class of 2012!

On Thursday, June 14th, College Connect celebrated all the accomplishments of our graduating senior class. The room was filled with family, friends, cohort 5 volunteers and College Connect supporters.

We heard from College Connect staff, our outgoing Executive Director, Jeff Feinman, and introduced our new Executive Director, Eddie Kaufman. We had the opportunity to hear from Edgar Menendez from cohort 1. He spoke about college life, how much fun college is and that he will graduate next school year!




We also heard from cohort 4 parents: Pedro Jeronimo, Nery Martinez and Elida DeLeon. Each one spoke about how proud they are of their child and how happy they are with the support they receive from College Connect.

We listened as students told us about their future aspirations, their high school years, gratitude for our support and what they are looking forward to in college. The evening was bursting with proud parents and family members and even a couple teary eyed staff members.

College Connect will continue to support students as they move through their higher education. It is not only our mission to get students from the Mission District into college; we want to see them graduate! ¡Sí Se Puede!

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