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On April 23, three College Connect students participated in Take a Kid to Work Day. It is an invaluable experience to see first-hand how companies that you are interested in run and operate on a day-to-day basis.

carbonlighthouseOur students went to two different companies this year. First, Jeremy and Kevin enjoyed their day at Carbon Lighthouse. This is a company in real estate that strives to reduce energy waste. Jeremy and Kevin got to meet with engineers, and go onsite to see a building they were working on.

For Kevin the most valuable part of this experience was getting a glimpse into his future of working on engineering and even gave him more of an idea of what he wants to do. “I want to go into engineering but I don’t know what type. It impacted me because I liked working with the environment”, Kevin explained.

chalkschoolsJavier spent a day at a company called Chalk Schools that has created an application that makes it easier for schools to organize forms and obtain signatures. He hopes to work with computers in the future so this experience really impacted him. Javier explained “Overall it motivated me to want to try harder in school so I can grow up and do what they do, like helping people learn how to use computers”. He also got first-hand experience on his future career, which was his favorite part of the day “one of the guys taught me how to do coding on a computer and that was really cool”.

Overall it was a great experience for all the students who participated. A big thanks to Carbon Lighthouse and Chalk Schools for hosting our students!

If you are interested in hosting College Connect students at your company, or becoming a career mentor, please reach out to Jill Marinelli at 415-864-5205 x312 or jill@missiongraduates.org.


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