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communityCollege Connect kicked off the first cohort 6 meetings exploring how their education fits in the larger context of their community in a 2-day education social justice workshop series.  Students discussed questions like, “What does education mean to me?” and “How does education impact my community?”  They also defined community in their own words and learned about other community based organizations in their community doing social justice work such as PODER and HOMEY.

Jose Luis Pavon from The Wraparound Project spoke to students about class and access to education as well as gave students information about what is currently happening with the accreditation process at CCSF.

Students ended the workshop series by sharing their powerful words of wisdom that will soon be displayed at Mission Graduates main office.  Here are a couple examples:

“To me, education is a chance to learn about the world, including the community we live in.  It’s a chance to move ourselves and others upward in society.  Education is a right everyone should have”- Rae Enriquez, Gateway High School

“Development of community is important for the development of each individual.  Therefore, we all should work toward making our community better”- Manoj Adhikari, International High School

Power to the People!

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