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 In Extended Day Programs

In preparation for their 5th grade promotion from Bryant Elementary, the fifth grade Mission Graduates class dedicated a lot of time to reflecting on their elementary school experience. They created memory books in which they recorded and reflected upon their elementary school experience.

In an effort to set future goals for themselves they also wrote letters to their future selves predicting where they wanted to be in 10 years. They included these letters in their memory books so they can look back later to see if they accomplished their goals. They also got a chance to wear their cap and gowns to take graduation pictures for their memory books.

A group of 6 fifth graders even worked with Ms. Jennifer, our community school coordinator, to sing a song during graduation. They chose to sing “Firework” by Katy Perry and produced an amazing performance.

At graduation each 5th grader stepped up to the mic and shared a 5th grade memory. The celebration concluded with a potluck and dance party where the mission graduates received the memory books they made and got signatures from their classmates and teachers.

– Diana Garcia

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