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Students in Mission Graduates Bryant Extended Day Program are eagerly preparing for the Poetry Night Performance Scheduled for March 12th.  Specifically, the first and second graders are working hard to write poetry and practice some songs.  The students changed to words to a familiar and loved song- “Down by the Bay”  to “Down by the School.”

Students made the rhyming song specific to their school, including their principal and teachers’ names.  They then translated it into Spanish and learned sign language to accompany the songs.  Simultaneously, students are studying famous poets such as Shel Silverstein and identifying particular poetic devices in the poems– such as rhyming, alliteration, repetition, onomatopoeia and working on their individual poems using the devices.


Bryant EDP’s “Down by the School”

Down by the school

Where all the kids learn

Back to my class

I have to go

For if I do

Ms. Valasco will say

You have to go to class

Verse 1 –So you learn fast

Verse 2–So you’re not in double trouble

Verse 3–To run and have fun

Down by the school
Debajo de la escuela

Donde todos los niños aprenden

Regreso a mi clase

Tengo que ir

Ms. Valasco va a decir

Vaya a la clase

Verso  1 –Para aprender rápido

Verso  2 –Para no tener doble problemas

Verso  3 –Para correr y divertirse

Debajo de la escuela

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