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 In ASAP at Mission High School

Congratulations to our Class of 2019! Summer has begun!

Here at ASAP, we’re just getting started in helping provide and coordinate over 100 summer opportunities for our students to get exposure to college.

ASAP provides scholarships (up to $5,000, 2 camps) each summer to student-athletes to attend sports and academic programs on college campuses all over California, and beyond.

We are excited to provide the opportunity for the first time this year to send 13 boys from Mission High’s Football team to football camp in Boise, Idaho!

Thank you, Coach Tobias and Coach Oliver, for road tripping students up to Idaho so they could experience football in a grand new scale.

Note: ASAP at Mission High School (formerly Athletics Scholars Advancement Program) merged with Mission Graduates in July 2020. This article has been transferred to Mission Graduates’ website for archival purposes and reflects the work, vision, and stories of ASAP staff and students at the time of publication.

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