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Mission Graduates’ statement on the Chauvin verdict

The jury in Minneapolis found Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts for George Floyd’s murder. But we must remember that this is not justice; it’s accountability.

The pain, apprehension, and relief of Tuesday’s verdict reaffirmed that justice should not just be a reaction to a long, painful process.

True justice means that Black, brown, and Indigenous communities would not be in fear for their lives for doing everyday activities.

It means that George Floyd would be alive to hear a guilty verdict against Derek Chauvin for police misconduct. And it means that minutes before the Minnesota courts delivered a verdict against Chauvin, an Ohio police officer would not have fatally shot Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old Black teenage girl.

George Floyd deserved life. Breonna Taylor, Ma’Khia Bryant, Duante Wright, Rayshard Brooks, Daniel Prude, Atatiana Jefferson, Aura Rosser, Stephon Clark, Botham Jean, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray, Janisha Fonville, Michelle Cusseaux, Akai Gurley, Gabriella Nevarez, Michael Brown, Tainsha Anderson, Andres Guardado, Sean Monterossa, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and tragically so many, many more people deserved life. Say their names.

At Mission Graduates we know that raising awareness is only part of the solution. Dismantling racism, marginalization, and inequity requires work.

Here are 3 things you can do to take action:

  1. Sign up for a free harassment prevention & bystander intervention training.
  2. Explore community-based alternatives to the SFPD.
  3. Share Black mental health resources and resources for allies.

A community of people who believed in a more equitable and just future founded Mission Graduates 50 years ago. We honor that legacy by expanding educational and economic opportunities for racially and economically marginalized students and families. And most importantly, we strive to center our work in anti-racism.

There is still so much work that needs to be done on both local and national levels. We remain committed to dismantling systems that perpetuate injustice to then build systems of equal justice and opportunity.

Cover image credit: Jim Killock (source Flickr)

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