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Jill MarinelliProgram Director - John O’Connell College and Career Program

As a first-generation Temple University graduate, Jill has a passion for the field of college and career counseling, and specifically, to ensuring low-income first-generation students have access to higher education. With a background in social work and health education she brings a holistic approach to counseling students on the path to achieving their highest educational potential.

Before moving to San Francisco, Jill worked in the Philadelphia school system for 4 years. She joined Mission Graduates in 2009, and has 15 years of experience working with high school and college youth. As veteran Mission Graduates staff, Jill founded the Mission Graduates’ John O’Connell College and Career Program in 2015. Jill leads students to higher education through her own personal narrative of a non-traditional student entering a community college and eventually transferring to earn a 4-year college degree.

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