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Alex MunguiaData Manager
Alex is a native of El Salvador and was raised in San Francisco, graduating from Galileo High School and City College of San Francisco, where he obtained an AA in Social and Behavioral Sciences.
He received his BA from San Francisco State. He served as a Dream-SF Cohort Intern in 2016 for the City and County of San Francisco.
Alex is a certified Firefighter/EMT in California and Washington State where he works as a firefighter for Pierce County Ruston Fire Department.
Alex came to Mission Graduates by walking into the main office on 16th Street in August 2015. He asked if he could volunteer to do anything and they took him in. He has been part of this organization ever since, with very small breaks in between. Fast forward a few weeks later, Eric Cuentos became his mentor and his supervisor and taught him the basics of Microsoft Excel. Little did he know that those basic formulas that Eric showed would open the doors to hold the title that Alex now hold at Mission Graduates.
Some of the roles that Alex has held at Mission Graduates include program assistant, HR assistant, and Data Coordinator (handled and reported MPN data). Alex now works as a Data Manager managing Procare Database.

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