Breaking Down Strawberries with GEMS

Through a partnership with UCSF, the GEMS (Girls in Engineering, Math, and Science) at Marshall Elementary School have been exploring DNA with a favorite snack, strawberries! 

Summer Program Explores Africa

This summer, Mission Graduates Summer Program is taking a trip around the world, learning about new cultures, wildlife, and discovering wonders of the world through STEM.

STEM In and Out of the Classroom

STEM-tastic Fridays are always a favorite part of the Marshall Extended Day Program. And this semester, students have been introduced to new enrichment opportunities that infuse STEM into some [...]

Cleaning Up with STEM at the Beacon

Every week, Beacon students have so many classes to choose from, exploring new interests and getting their hand a little dirty in the process. In the Beacon's STEM class, students got the chance [...]

Insects Make Math Fun at Marshall

This month, Marshall Extended Day Program students put their math skills to good use - plotting the flight path of the monarch butterfly, finding flies in a spider web, and feeding the ant queen [...]

STEM-tastic Fridays Return to Marshall

Back by popular demand, the Extended Day Program at Marshall Elementary becomes a STEM extravaganza every Friday afternoon. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math have become such an [...]