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You can help us support even more students by joining the MG fundraising team! Create your own funraise campaign and spread the word.

Meet Astrid.

This spring we are focusing our campaign around the story of Astrid, a member of the first College Connect Cohort who will be, after 10 years, crossing the stage and receiving her college diploma.

We chose to focus on Astrid because she has an incredible story that exemplifies the mission and work of Mission Graduates. Astrid is a first-generation Latina who immigrated to the United States at the age of 12, alone, to join her mother. Astrid has been on the college path for 10 years because life gave her an exciting detour, the birth of her son, Sebastian, who is now enrolled at Marshall Elementary.


Where you come in:

        1. Personalize your fundraising page. Set up your own donation page through Mission Graduates’ Spring Campaign fundraising page: https://missiongraduatesspring2019.funraise.org/ People give when they see how passionate you are.
          Include a few paragraphs or a video explaining why this cause is important to you. Upload pictures that reflect your experience with Mission Graduates (if you were a Writing Partner, upload a photo of you and your student! If you’ve attended an event like Mi Pasaje, upload a photo from that! Or use a photo from the Toolkit!)
        2. Set a fundraising goal. During this campaign, we have an ambitious goal of raising $30,000 by June. YOUR support will help make this happen! Feel free to set a fundraising goal that works for you.
          Here are some ideas:$250 (covers the cost of college applications for one student).
          $500 (send a college-bound junior on a college tour of Southern California).
          $750 (ACT prep class for our high school students)
          $1,000 (cover the cost of one student to receive afterschool support)
        3. Get social! Let everyone know you’re investing in the future of Mission youth. It’s time to get everyone you know involved. Use our email templates to reach out. Share your journey through social media, using #wearethefuture or #somoselfuturo. And don’t forget to tag Mission Graduates in your posts!

The MG Guide to an Amazing Funraise Page:

Fundraising leverages the power of your social network to meet fundraising goals and help move your fave nonprofit (MG!) closer to their mission. The success of your fundraising campaign depends heavily on the amount and ways that you’re sharing your campaign with friends, family, and colleagues. Social media, email, text messaging, and word of mouth are some of the best ways to get your request noticed.

What’s the best way to share?

Sharing your fundraising campaign via your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, in addition to your own personal email list, is at the heart of every campaign. Leveraging these networks is how you’ll meet—and hopefully exceed—your fundraising goals. You won’t have the phone number of all of your network contacts, but choose a few that you know will respond well to a more intimate request: text messaging. Don’t inflict the poison that is group texting on these people; take the time to send individual (copied and pasted) texts to each one.


Get personal and select a handful of your closest family and friends to reach out to as you announce your campaign.

Close friends and family are more likely to donate, so getting them on board will let the rest of your network see that people are already supporting the cause.

How often should I communicate with my network?

There are five absolute times you should communicate with your network during a fundraising campaign:
1. Campaign launch
2. Midway goal
3. Final push
4. Campaign end or goal reached
5. Thank you

We recommend maintaining momentum between each of these main milestone communications with one to two social posts per week and one weekly email to help keep your campaign top of mind. If you’re texting, use those requests judiciously and make sure that you’re not monopolizing the conversation with donation asks.

During the final push phase of your campaign, increasing your frequency to a few social posts a day has proven to be highly effective, so go for it! We recommend creating a simple sharing schedule to plan out your communications ahead of time. This’ll save you time and make your campaign more fun and less stress. You can use Google Calendar, Google Sheets, or even a notebook to plan out when you’ll post to socials and email or text your network.

Have Fun With It:

  • Guest bartend at your favorite bar
  • Have a spring/summer birthday? Support MG and share your page in lieu of gifts
  • Host a game night with friends – have the winnings go to your favorite cause
  • Challenge your co-workers to donate their daily coffee cost to college access

A note about Privacy & Consent

When communicating with your networks, please respect their communication preferences and adjust accordingly. This includes making sure you have permission to contact your peers, particularly if you’re sending text messages.

Thank you for getting involved! Our students only succeed when YOU support us! Reach out to Sarah Hauser with any questions you have about Peer-to-Peer fundraising! We’re so excited to have you on the team!

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