#OurMissionGraduates Takes Off!

Launching a campaign focused around telling the stories of our students, parents, supporters, and volunteers, the #whatsyourmission #ourmissiongraduates campaign is already making an impact on [...]

O’Connell Focuses On Careers

Career Day at O'Connell gave students the chance to see what a day in the life of an architect, restaurateur, or law enforcement officer would look like. Sitting in small groups, students could [...]

Cohort 9 Tours 7 Campuses

College Connect students know that Spring Break means dorm tours, sitting in on lectures, and strolls across the quad. High school juniors in Cohort 9 and the dedicated staff of College Connect [...]

Warriors Celebrate Healthy Eating

5th graders at Bryant Elementary School have been discovering fun ways to eat healthy foods this semester and with special guests from the Golden State Warriors, their graduation from this [...]