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Blanca JuarezProgram Director - Bryant Elementary
Blanca was born in Los Angeles but the Bay Area is where she calls home. Blanca lived and attended primary school in Mexico. Having experienced two different public school systems, and having parents with migrant backgrounds, coming from a low-income home, and labeled as ESL throughout her educational path, these experiences brought her to her passion of working with Latinx youth and families from the Mission District. Blanca now serves as a resource to our community to continue to support closing educational gaps in our school systems. She sees herself in many of the students’ lives and relates to the families wanting to support their children but not knowing how.

Blanca graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Child and Youth Development. In 2014, she began working at Everett Middle School as an Americorp member. At the same school, she then continued her journey with Mission Graduates as an after school teacher for the next three years. After being a mentor to many Mission youth and seeing changes in the Mission District, she wanted to continue to serve the Mission Graduates community. In 2017, she became Assistant Director at the Bryant Extended Day Program and then in 2020, transitioned to Program Director.

Community, family, and education are a few of her core values and are why she continues her journey with Mission Graduates – to empower Mission youth and their families to complete a higher and fulfilling education!

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