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Registration now open for current Mission Graduates families and families attending Mission Graduates school sites!

Mission Graduates is pleased to offer two virtual programs this summer! Feel free to enroll in our Google Classrooms course or both.

Mission Graduates: Wings, Wheels, and Sails!

This summer Mission Graduates engineers will explore all 7 continents beginning June 8! Board a train across the United States, build a boat to sail down the Nile, fly to South America, and climb Mount Everest. Join us on some amazing adventures as we engineer planes, boats, and rockets to traverse continents and oceans.

Select your student’s school to start your enrollment. All activities will be posted through Google Classrooms and facilitated virtually through Google Hangouts and Zoom.


The Mission Graduates Springboard Learning Accelerator (SLA) is a free 6-week program (June 8 – July 17) designed to help you, your child, and a teacher build a team dedicated to improving your child’s reading skills. This program supplements the activities in Mission Graduates’ Google Classrooms.

By enrolling in our SLA program, you and your child commit to doing the following:

  • Participate in a family workshop once a week
  • Participate in classroom instruction once a week
  • Read at home daily

Your child will earn points for your participation and practice; with enough points, your child can win a prize!

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