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Another campus we visited was a private college which was the University of Redlands. This school has only 5,000 students enrolled. The class average size is 19 students. The schools focus is the students since the professors have more one on one time with their students and helping them in any way possible which is amazing. In Redlands, there are so many events or programs you can be involved in like study abroad. They provide so many types of sports like women’s lacrosse and men’s and women’s water polo. All the sports are provided for both genders which is amazing. Their mascot is a bulldog. Their school spirit is filled with excitement.

Many of the students who are enrolled or have graduated from Redlands are 92% satisfied with the university and have been employed within a month of graduating or while attending school. Redland helps you in so many ways and focus a lot on your education and your future outcome. Beautiful campus!

-Kimberly Ornelas, Cohort 11

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