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Last Friday was a day to remember. Not only was it Mother’s day in Mexico, but it was also a day for mothers who collaborate with Mission Graduates to get recognized for their work and to share their story. At around 5:30 PM, las Fabulosas, accompanied by their children, came to St. John’s Church to enjoy food and to engage in conversation.

The children were busy watching a movie in a separate room, while the fabulosas and some of their husbands formed a circular space in which stories would be exchanged. Amidst laughter and tears, time was suspended as the mothers recalled their arrival to the United States for the first time and recounted their journey since then. The common denominator of all of these stories was that the beginning of life in the U.S was a difficult experience in which las fabulosas had to adapt to another system and to a life away from their native land and family. However, the journey to college is both a struggle that all the mothers endure, and an aspiration that only grows as each day passes by. The dream of attending university materializes itself day by day, soon to become a reality for many families of our community.


“My parents put so much effort so that we could receive an education, and thanks to them, I completed my studies at the University level”, said Elena Angeles, a ‘Fabulosa’ mother of two. “ I want to do the same with my children, to help them, to encourage them, and to motivate them so they can accomplish their goals. I know that with love and dedication, they will go to University”. Elena’s dream is intertwines with the ones of the other mothers, who all expressed their gratitude for the knowledge they have gained from being a member of Mission Graduates.

Those of us who had the privilege to witness this powerful event gained a new appreciation for the journey that each one of these women have already taken to arrive at where they are now and a new awareness of the importance of the work of the Parent Partner Program to continue to support the growth of these fabulous parent leaders, not only for their sake and that of their children, but for the sake of the larger Mission District community of which all of us are a part.

-Juliana Romano, Social Media Intern & Eric Cuentos, Program Director, Parent Partner Program

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