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Extended Day Program

The Extended Day Program provides award-winning after school academic enrichment programs for over 2,500 students year-round. The program runs at Marshall Elementary, Bessie Carmichael Elementary School & Middle School, Bryant Elementary, Leonard R. Flynn Elementary, Sanchez Elementary, Alvarado Elementary, Cleveland Elementary, Mission High School, and Thomas Edison Charter Academy.

Program Highlights

The Extended Day Program combines arts, electives, recreation, and academics to create a comprehensive and dynamic learning experience for our students.

Literacy and Math Support

All lesson plans incorporate the elements of literacy development: speaking, listening, reading, and writing infused throughout the program. Using the Common Core Standards, all staff implement games and activities to reinforce, develop, and increase students’ mathematical understanding and skills.

Project-Based Learning

In our programs, we design and deliver project-based learning and sequenced intentional learning activities to reinforce and supplement the learning happening during the school day. All lessons are part of a unit, and a culminating class, program, or family event marks the end of a unit of study and showcases youth’s learning.

Engaging Enrichment Activities

In addition to staff developing enrichments designed to peak students interest and develop creativity, Mission Graduates partners with organizations dedicated to those ends, including San Francisco Ballet, San Francisco Youth Theater, Acrosports, Today’s Future Sounds, The Marsh Theatre, Abada Capoeira, and Playwell Teknologies (LEGO Robotics).

College Readiness

Our programs from kindergarten through senior year ensure that we are developing college-going expectations and building a college-going culture in the school communities we partner with. We build college aspirations through events and activities that inspire and prepare our students for all post-secondary college paths.

Join us for the 2020-2021 Extended Day Program

Mission Graduates’ Extended Day Program provides after school programming to students and families at the following schools:

Alvarado Elementary School
Jerlynn Mangaspar – jmangaspar@missiongraduates.org

Cleveland Elementary School
Christina Lopez-Ruiz – christina@missiongraduates.org

Bryant Elementary School Beacon
Blanca Juarez – blanca@missiongraduates.org

Bessie Carmichael School Beacon K-8 FEC
Alejandro Peña – apena@missiongraduates.org

Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School
Melissa Alvarez – melissaa@missiongraduates.org

Marshall Elementary School
Beverly Escobar-Sudario – beverly@missiongraduates.org

Sanchez Elementary School Beacon
Charlotte La Riviere – charlotte@missiongraduates.org

Thomas Edison Charter Academy
Munira Kheraj – mkheraj@missiongraduates.org

Mission High School
Michael Elias – melias@missiongraduates.org

To enroll in the 2020-2021 Extended Day Program, find your school’s application here.



  • Mission Graduates is the perfect bridge between the daytime learning and extended learning.  The staff and programming all centers around engaging our students in enrichment activities as well as supporting our students to deepen their knowledge.  Its focus to prepare our students for  college and a career perfectly aligns with our school’s mission.  We love Mission Graduates!

    Christina Velasco
    Christina Velasco Principal, Bryant Elementary School

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