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Mission Community Beacon

The Mission Community Beacon at Everett Middle School provides after school and summer programming, school-day support, and parent engagement through a collaboration of program partners. The Mission Community Beacon serves as a community center hub providing academic, social, and emotional support to Mission youth and families as they prepare for lives as successful adults.

Program Highlights

 Engaging Enrichment Activities

In addition to staff developing structured enrichment classes that are designed to pique students’ interest, the Mission Community Beacon partners with organizations dedicated to engaging middle school students in the after school hours. This year will include music, arts, foreign language clubs, chess, Girls Group, cultural studies classes.

School Day Alignment

Alignment between the school day and after school is an essential piece of student success. Through a partnership with daytime staff, we share in common vision and goals, reinforce norms and expectations, and ensure that everything we do after school supports and enhances, not detracts, from the intent and vision of the school day.

Academic Support and Study Hall

Monday through Thursday, students will receive support in homework completion through staff-guided study halls as well as targeted academic intervention with credentialed teachers during Acceleration Hour.

 Leadership Development

Everett students have the chance to join groups such as Beacon Council, La Raza, and the Black Student Union.



  • Our Mission Beacon is an extension of the school day here at Everett - we often work side by side to make sure our least reached students are getting the most support throughout the day. Beacon provides students a space to be creative and express who they are - they're truly a great resource to have at our school.

    Kamaria Carnes
    Kamaria Carnes 8th Grade Teacher

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