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Meet our Instructors!

All Mission Graduates Academy staff are college graduates and have 3-5+ years of teaching experience, working with students of all ages. They’re incredible classroom facilitators who have mastered the art of online teaching.


Hi, everyone! My name is Alma Lopez Marquez. I can’t wait to begin on our virtual journey together! When I’m not teaching I love doing arts and crafts, going hiking, and singing to Spanish music! I’m so excited to spend this summer with you amazing students! 


Hi, everyone! My name is Ms. Brittany and I am excited to meet all of you! We are going to have a blast this summer by doing some awesome activities. When I’m not teaching, I’m preaching. I’m passionate about God and I serve in different ministries throughout the Bay Area. I can’t wait to learn what some of your passions and ambitions may be!


Hola, everyone! My name is Fernando Miguel and it’s going to be awesome to meet you all! During my free time, I love to draw and dance different styles! See you all soon!


Hello, I am Gabriela Villanueva and I am excited to see everyone soon. I really love food so any time I can, I try new recipes and dishes!


Welcome, everyone! I am Miss Heather and I can’t wait to spend my summer hanging out with people as awesome as all of you! When I am not teaching, I spend my time reading, writing, knitting, and trying to figure out how to get up without waking my two dogs that fell asleep on my lap.


Hi, everyone! My name is Ms. Jessie, and I love rainbows and cats! My favorite Pokémon is Jigglypuff, but my favorite Pokémon type is grass Pokémon, because they are known for being really nice friends! I can’t wait to meet you all!


Hi! My name is Maddi Godsil.  I can’t wait to meet you all virtually! One day I want to visit the Amazon Rainforest. I love listening to music, riding my bike, and taking care of my guinea pigs! See you soon!


Hey y’all, my name is Madison Ashley and I’m excited to spend the summer (virtually) hanging out and learning alongside all of you. When I’m not with Mission Graduates, you can find me mountain biking, cooking big meals for my housemates, and reading a good book.


Hey, everyone! My name is Rebecca Malave and I can not wait to get to know each one of you! I love being outdoors, like taking walks on the beach and going on hikes. I still love to play soccer but love to read on my downtime. Excited to see you all soon!


Hello! I am Viviana Pacho! I am very excited to see you all. I like everything that has to do with Disney, especially princesses, and I like glasses.

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