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 In Extended Day Programs
Extended day program parents at Marshall are signing up to be Reading Buddies for our Parent Reading Buddy night this Friday. Classroom coordinators are preparing fun themes in their classrooms to enhance the reading atmosphere.

reading buddies
As the fourth grade class reads among campfire themed decorations, they get to enjoy s’mores snacks with their reading buddies. Kindergarten will be reading Curious George while eating chocolate covered bananas. The fifth grade class will be bringing their own teddy bears from home while eating Teddy Grahams.

As all the classroom coordinators are preparing their cozy or fun themes, they are hoping to inspire the fun and the comfort that reading can bring. Not only will the event help make reading more fun, but parents that come will put into practice valuable reading tools.

During the program’s past Literacy Night, parents learned how to ask questions after a reading, extending the book not only as a source of entertainment, but to a spring of learning. These are skills they will be able to model at home with their child.

-Julie McNamara 4th grade

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