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Maurice Maurice Finely Jr. was born and raised in the midst of the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. He attends Mission High School and enjoys spending time with his friends, shopping, dirt biking, and playing football. This summer he is working with Friends of The Urban Forest, planting trees and taking care of the side walk gardens to keep San Francisco beautiful and healthy. He has always found math interesting and would like to study Entrepreneurial Business and Finance when he goes off to college.

Maurice has always had the personality where whenever an opportunity was thrown at him he would take it, so when he heard about College Connect he immediately applied. Since he has become a part of the College Connect family he shares that the ACT prep tests and study groups has helped him a great deal and enjoys working with his writing coach, as he says, “he listens and lets me do what I want to do,” in other words, lets him express himself. It seems like Maurice and his writing coach get a long great, and will be able to get across to each school what makes him a good candidate for their school!

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