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JermaineA native of San Francisco, Jermaine applied to join cohort 6 upon the advice of a friend.  Realizing the potential to discover all of the opportunities college has to offer, Jermaine quickly found the College Connect program a place to grow personally.  “Being a part of something special and having a team that is there to help teens get that momentum to reach for their full potential has been the best part [of College Connect].”

Faced with family responsibilities at a young age, Jermaine found this motivating at school as well as in his personal life.  “At the time, I saw it as an opportunity to better myself, which then motivated me to take my education more seriously because it will open more doors for me in the future.”  Becoming an uncle has also made Jermaine dedicated to reaching his college goals.

While he may be a self-subscribed “under-dog”, Jermaine is on the path to success.  Next up is figuring out what to major in once he gets his acceptance to college.  “I know how money is very important for anyone who lives in America, but I am not trying to do it for a big salary, nor a lavish lifestyle. I just want to expand my knowledge and gain skills that will allow me to help others in life. I want to go to college because it will give me a foundation to help me develop a more meaningful outlook on my life.”

We’re not so sure under-dog is the right word to describe Jermaine.

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