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Mission Graduates stands in solidarity with our Black allies to firmly renounce all forms of systemic violence and discrimination. Every day, as an education organization, we confront the legacy of centuries of systematic racism that withhold equal access to educational opportunities.

We unequivocally condemn the violence against the Black community and stand with them in our mission to build equity for all marginalized communities. 

Mission Graduates continues to believe that education is the greatest means to achieve equity. Through our African-American Parent Engagement program, we seek to dismantle anti-Blackness which pervades the educational system. 

Today, the proposed California budget plans a 10% budget reduction to California public schools, disproportionately affecting African-American students and other students of color at a time when the required COVID-related changes to schools will cost more, not less. This translates directly to a $6.5 billion cut to California schools, which includes cuts to after school programming – a lifeline for working families, people of color, and immigrant communities.

You can directly influence change to ensure systemic change occurs that supports marginalized communities. Find your voice and use it. Talk to your elected officials and representatives and tell them your priorities. Build community and stand in solidarity with those whose daily experiences are shaped by systemic inequity. 

We are allies in this struggle for equity and to challenge long-standing patterns of oppression. Stand with us. 

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